As an experienced buyout fund investor, we have access to funds ranging in size from small buyouts to mega-funds.

Through our conservative and disciplined investment philosophy, we seek to consistently select top-quartile buyout managers with demonstrated track records who exhibit:

  • Significant experience in key growth industries
  • Tested and refined company selection skills
  • Outstanding operational efficiency
  • Well-defined exit strategies

We believe that a balanced and disciplined approach to buyout investing produces the highest and most consistent risk-adjusted returns. Performance Equity Management has demonstrated its ability to build a diversified portfolio of quality investment opportunities from leading private equity firms. The investment team considers investment opportunities across a variety of industries, geographies, technologies and company stages, and then applies its disciplined deal screening and selection process to evaluate potential investment opportunities.

Our performance is driven to a large degree by the investment professionals’ ability to attract and develop a steady flow of attractive investment opportunities and to select investments they believe will provide superior risk-adjusted returns from these opportunities. The members of the team maintain strong relationships with the private equity general partner community and have investing relationships with more than 60 private equity fund sponsors, while Performance Equity serves on the advisory boards of more than 80 individual partnerships. By reason of the long-standing participation, global network, experience and reputation of the investment team, Performance Equity is well positioned to access a broad range of investment opportunities within our direct, primary and secondary buyout programs.

venture capital

We are a seasoned investor in the venture capital asset class, with commitments to over 160 funds representing nearly 60 relationships since July 1995. Many of these fund relationships span 25 years. Our extensive portfolio company experience, developed through investments in over 36 late stage venture companies, differentiates the firm’s investment team by giving us unique insight into evaluating fund investment opportunities.

We seek to consistently select top-quartile venture capital fund managers who exhibit:

  • Deep entrepreneur networks
  • Proven domain expertise
  • Long track record of successful venture investing

We apply a multi-stage, growth-oriented philosophy to our venture capital investment program. Performance Equity Management’s significant experience in direct portfolio company investing includes later and expansion stage allocations. The ability to maintain pricing discipline, capital efficiency and revenue traction forms the cornerstone of our direct venture investments.

special situations

We invest globally in distressed debt, mezzanine, bankruptcy and special situation funds. We believe our history and experience in the debt markets give us an advantage when choosing the best managers. It allows us to utilize established relationships to acquire market intelligence, gain access to key due diligence information and identify new manager talent.

For direct investments, we maintain diversified hybrid debt/equity portfolios by structuring transactions to mitigate risk and by investing in companies with fundamental franchise values. We invest with care and prudence in companies exhibiting:

  • Stable, recurring cash flow
  • Reasonable growth expectations
  • Market-leading positions
  • Strong, motivated management teams
  • Sound corporate governance