veteran investment team

Our core investment team is comprised of seasoned and disciplined principal investors.

We draw upon a 25-year institutional history that began at General Motors Investment Management Corporation, where our senior investment team managed private equity portfolios for the GM Corporation employee benefit plans, GM’s current and former affiliates, and several third party funds.

The valuable relationships we formed during this time now benefit Performance Equity’s current clients and partners, capitalizing on our years of teamwork and investing expertise and forming a solid foundation for our proven, consistent approach to global private equity investing.

longstanding & deep relationships

Performance Equity is a trusted and respected long-term partner.

Our historical client and partner relationships are a powerful asset in our quest for continued strong performance. We attract and maintain a growing pool of sophisticated institutional investors around the world, including endowments, financial institutions and public and corporate pension plans.

Performance Equity has committed to approximately 400 private equity funds, representing over 150 private equity sponsors with whom we have worked on a personal basis, in many cases for over 10 years. Through this longstanding participation, Performance Equity is well positioned to access a broad range of investment opportunities.